About Us

Committed to providing you excellent trailers, at a great value.

Howdy!  I’m James Lansman, owner and operator of Valley Trailer Sales located in Holtville, CA. At Valley Trailer, I specialize in Diamond C trailers. I chose to become a Diamond C dealer because over the years, I had owned Diamond C trailers, and had found them to be the best trailers I’d ever pulled. Everywhere I went with my Diamond C trailers, I had people trying to buy them from me. So I figured I’d just start selling them.  
I’m a one-man operation here, and if you call you’ll talk to me. I’ll make sure you’ll get the trailer you need—not too much of one or not enough of one. Call me any day of the week, and I’ll talk trailers with you. If I don’t have the answer to a question, I’ll find it.
I have a little bit of everything here on the lot, but if I don’t have what you need, I can have a custom trailer built in about 4-6 weeks. I just want to make sure you get a great quality trailer at a great value—one that you’ll be happy with for many years.


Valley Trailer Sales stocks many different sizes and colors of utility, car hauling and heavy construction trailers. Our 2PSA single axle trailers are great for side-by-sides, ATV, and motorcycle use.  Diamond C trailers are one of the highest quality trailers in the industry.  The 7GTF car haulers are available in a variety of colors to match your hot rod or desert car.  Diamond C trailers meet industry standards and have available options like Bi-Fold rear and side-load gates, removable fenders, and tilt-decks. At Valley Trailer Sales we sell:  Single axle square tube top rail utility trailers, Single axle angle iron top rail utility trailers, single axle pipe top utility trailers,  Tandem axle square tube top rail trailers, Tandem axle angle iron top rail trailer, tandem axle pipe top rail trailer.  Golf Cart Trailers, Lawn and Landscape Trailers, Wood bed car hauler trailers, Steel bed car hauler trailers.  Tilt bed car hauler trailers, Tilt bed utility trailers, Tilt bed Skid Load Trailers,  Gooseneck Utility trailers, Gooseneck car hauler trailers, Gooseneck tilt bed car hauler trailers.  Tongue Pull Dump Trailers, and Gooseneck Dump Trailers.